About My Reviews

As a student of the media, I like analyzing movies, shows, and songs. This year, I decided to put that interest to use: I started reviewing the movies I watch.

If you know the structure, you can easily find what you’re after, so here’s an overview of my typical review:

My Impression:

I summarize the movie (spoilers may be present) and tell you what I thought about it overall.


Scripting. Editing. Shot angles. Storyline continuity. Background music. I love this stuff. I won’t mind if it ends up being my job someday. So I try to pay attention to it.

I write about holes in plots, bad acting, good scripts, opening scenes and how well they “set the stage” for the story, or anything cinematography-related.


Theology is the “father” of morality, but theology is not ABOUT morality. Therefore, I don’t count F-words, and I don’t flag every instance of drug & alcohol abuse. That’s Kids-In-Mind‘s job.

I give you my interpretation of the messages the movie conveyed, and I compare those messages to the Bible. Sometimes I write about the morals/life choices of the characters, and other times it’s more about the underlying worldview/philosophy of the script.

Big ideas:

  • I list the overarching “morals of the story.”

To find individual reviews, scroll down, find my picture on the left, and find the “Pages” heading under my picture.